Guidance notes for applicants

Applications are invited in both categories for projects or initiatives that will make a difference to people and/or communities in areas where Pobl Group works, shown in pink on the map.

Applications are initially via this form. Your application will be submitted for shortlist solely on the basis of the information supplied. Please complete the application form in full, answering all questions in detail. Insufficient or incomplete forms will be returned and may result in your application missing your chosen funding round.

During the first stage of decision-making, a panel will decide which applications will be taken forward based on the information provided in the application form. If successful, applications will move to stage 2, in which the process varies depending on the award amount.

For applicants of awards up to £1,000 who are successful in stage 1, there is no further process. Applicants will be contacted within 28 days of the decision to arrange payment of funds, subject to the receipt of a completed Grant Acceptance Form and satisfactory references.

For awards of £1,001 – £5,000 applicants will be invited to attend a funding round event on 6th and 7th November 2018 to present their application in person*.

For awards of £5,001 – £50,000 applicants will be invited to attend a funding round event on 20th November 2018 to present their application in person*.

Please ensure that you are available on the relevant date prior to submitting your application form.

*In some circumstances presentations by Skype or other means may be accepted in place of personal attendance. However this is at Trustees’ discretion so please ensure you are available on the date relevant for your application prior to submitting it.

Prior to the stage 2 event, applicants will be asked to provide references, however these will only be sought in the event the funding bid is successful.

During the stage 2 event, applicants will also complete a short, video interview with Pobl Trust about their application. The resulting video will be used by Pobl Trust for promotion and fundraising purposes.

Applicants presenting at funding rounds will be notified within 28 days whether their application has been declined, funded in full or partially-funded. Successful applicants will need to complete a Grant Acceptance Form indicating compliance with standard terms and conditions. Pobl Trust may attach further conditions to offers of funding at their discretion and these will be reflected in an addendum to the Grant Acceptance Form provided.

Successful beneficiaries are required to provide Pobl Trust with a ‘digital story’ evidencing the difference the funds have made in line with application objectives. These are normally expected to be in video format. At its discretion, Pobl Trust may choose to commission its own filming of a funded project in place of or in addition to the ‘digital story’.

All grants awarded will be publicly announced and promoted by Pobl Trust. Beneficiaries are expected to participate in publicity and promotion related to their funding award, subject to prior discussion regarding any sensitivities or privacy concerns.

For more information on digital stories, filming and other publicity please refer to the Grant Acceptance Form.

Notes on the application form

Your Details

If you are applying on behalf of an organisation, please ensure this field is completed with the Organisation name.

Funding band

Pobl Trust considers applications in two funding rounds each year: May and September. Each funding round considers applications for both small awards up to £5,000 and larger awards up to a maximum of £50,000. Please indicate which funding band applies to your application.

Funding Theme

All applications in 2018/19 must be related to one of our funding themes: Housing & Homelessness; Mental Health & Learning Disabilities; Building Stronger Communities. Please indicate which of the funding themes applies to your application. If more than one theme applies, please choose the theme that you feel is most related to your project or initiative.

Type of applicant

If other, please provide further details describing the nature of the applicant organisation.

Brief summary

Please tell us what it you require funding for. This should be in broad terms and under 250 words but please ensure you give particular focus to explaining how your application relates to the applicable funding theme. You do not need to supply a financial breakdown as we will ask for details of intended expenditure later in the form.

Costs and other funding sources

Please tell us your total costs as well as the exact amount you’re seeking from Pobl Trust. This figure should accord with the funding band you have chosen to apply under. If you are not applying for total costs, please tell us how you are funding the difference and whether any other applications for partial funding have yet been confirmed.

Breakdown of expenditure

Please provide a full breakdown of how Pobl Trust funds will be spent within your project/ initiative. This will allow us to see how you have arrived at your requested funding costs and should include things such as staffing, travel costs, equipment, promotional activity, location/venue fees and training or recruitment figures over a fixed time period.


Please give a description of the impact your project/initiative will have on the local community or people it supports, in what way it will make a difference and what it will aim to achieve from Pobl Trust funding. Again, please relate impacts to the applicable funding theme. If you have specific planned outcomes, please include them here.


You should describe who will benefit from your project/initiative and include details of the total number of beneficiaries in order that we can evaluate the impact of your application.

Project start /end dates and future funding

In order to help us administer funds, please give us a date when you expect your project/initiative to begin and what date it will end. If the project is intended to be ongoing, please indicate how it is intended to be funded in the future.  Pobl Trust is unlikely to repeat fund projects or initiatives year-on-year.

Similar projects

Pobl Trust is unlikely to fund duplicate or competing projects/initiatives in your area. You should take this opportunity to show how your project/initiative is unique, list any similar services in the area and outline how yours differs.

Measuring success and monitoring

In order to ensure we are meeting our aim of making a difference, we need to know how successful your project/initiative has been. Please outline how you intend to measure the success of your project/initiative and what evidence you will be gathering to evaluate the impact your project/initiative has.